Hang On Back Filters compared to its counterparts are the most saleable. They come with many benefits and considering that there are many manufacturers selling them, you know it is very easy for you to find the best hang on back filters to provide your tank filtration needs.

Most aquariums can use Hang On Back Filters or HOB, but there are some types that cannot. Like when your tank has fish or shrimp, this type of filtration is not recommended, because these creatures can easily get sucked up the tap. This is also not applicable to tanks that have sea creatures that are not a fan of surface agitation, like Betta fish. The filters may also create a heavy flow of water, giving Bettas harder time swimming against it.

Maintenance of Hang On Back Filter

Depending on the model and brand, and the media type used, maintenance of HOB varies. It is highly recommended that you use filter cartridges that suit the model of HOB you have, same brand and manufacturer if possible. The cartridges should be rinsed out when you change water on tanks. Rinsing it out will remove all the debris accumulated while using the equipment.

Using of tap water is not recommended, as by doing so, you might kill good bacteria that have settled on the cartridges. Dirty cartridges should not alarm you, as it is not bad as you think. This is where biological filtration happens. The sponges on the Hang On back filters are not required to be replaced until they show signs of deterioration, rinsing them properly in the aquarium water as needed.

If you opt to use chemical media like carbon cartridges, replacing them frequently is necessary to ensure that toxins will not be released into the tank’s water.

Lastly, it is also needed that you clean the pump and lift tubes on the HOBS periodically. This cleaning method can be done easily using cleaning tips.

Spotting on the best Hang On Back Filters

Now that you know HOBs is your best choice, it is time to get the best brand and model for you. With the many options available in the market, spotting on the best one may not be as easy. Read through the tips below to make sure you will get the best one to purchase:

  • Buy from the best manufacturer/brand

There are many brands carrying HOBs, who to trust? Consider the checklist below:

  • Good reviews and ratings from their previous and current customers: This you can check over the internet, their website or famous sites reviewing items.
  • Has been in the industry long enough: With the number of manufacturers of HOBs or filters so to speak, no brand will last unless they are good with what they do. Their tenure also indicates their experience and reliability in the industry
  • Brands recommended by aquarium hobbyists: Read forums in the internet participated by aquarium hobbyist. Ask for their recommendations on the best HOB brands to consider. If you know anyone personally, ask them too


  • Operational capabilities

They may all be highly beneficial, yet they operate differently. It is necessary that you know everything about the equipment. Check on the following when doing so:

  • Ease of cleaning and maintenance: Basically, they are easy to maintain and clean, yet different brands and models call for different cleaning and maintenance methods. Some can be harder than the rest, bottom line, you need to know it clearly
  • The level of noise while running: You would never want your sleep be disturbed because of the annoying sound of your aquarium filter. Make sure you know the level of sound it produces while running
  • Durability: Durability is a must to consider, There are some cartridges that are not too durable, If you choose the weak ones, changing cartridges from time to time is required, and this can be expensive
  • Energy efficiency: Make sure that you choose the filter that can help you save energy. Ask for the energy star rating of the equipment or its energy consumption. You would not want to end up buying a cheap HOBs with high operational cost
  • Stages of filtration: Most of Hang On Back filters have three stage filtration, chemical, mechanical and biological filtrations, yet others do not have biological filters, which actually is needed maintaining fully functioning freshwater aquarium


  • Warranty inclusion

When you buy a filter, it should work best all throughout its lifetime, and to make it happen, you have to get a good warranty inclusion either from the manufacturer or the seller. When talking about warranty, below are important factors to consider:

  • The warranty coverage date – How long will be your filter under warranty? Can you extend the warranty life, for example they give 3 year standard warranty, can you extend it to 5? If so, how much would it cost?
  • The warranty inclusions – Does the warranty includes filter replacement or just parts replacement and repairs?
  • The possible reasons of disqualification – Know the reasons why would you be disqualified for warranty claims. You would not want to end up going to the store for repair and going home with still a broken filter just because you did not know that opening the equipment or having someone check it or simple unscrewing screws may cause disqualification on warranty.

It is necessary that you read the warranty card carefully, including those written in fine prints to ensure that you can maximize the filter’s warranty. If you read anything unclear, make sure to ask. Do not leave the store or place final order online or exchange your money with HOBs until everything on the warranty agreement is clear.

Hang On Back Filter is definitely a good choice for your aquarium filters. Make sure though that you are choosing the right brand and model that would perfectly provide what you are looking for. Choosing the right filter for your tank is necessary as this can make or break your supposedly great experience owning a tank.