Even if you do not makeup, it is necessary to clean the skin daily to remove traces of moisturizer, dust and contamination of the street that dirties and clogs the pores of the face.

What is a professional facial cleaning?

Although we clean our skin every day, there are always remains that require a deeper treatment. The professional facial cleansing completes our small daily cleaning rituals. It is not a system to look younger; its goal is to clean deep dead skin cells and ugly pimples and tone the muscles of the face thanks to the massage.

Advantages of facial cleansing

Once the facial cleansing is finished, the skin is ready to take full advantage of the properties of the cosmetics we use every day. With facial cleansing, we hydrate, eliminate toxins, reduce acne (less clogged pores) and relax and improve the circulation of the face, gaining in smoothness and elasticity.

A facial can last between 50 minutes and an hour and a half. Basic facial cleansing has three distinct parts: proper cleansing, invigorating massage and nutrition.

  • Facial cleansing: for this purpose, different products are applied that clean the superficial part of the face. Then the pores are opened by steam to drain the impurities thanks to special products. Each skin (dry, oily or mixed) will need a different type of product.
  • Massage: at this point, it is important to close the pores and decongest the skin after drainage. Gel or cream products are applied and a relaxing and invigorating massage is given.
  • Nutrition: the skin is ready to take full advantage of the nutrients and vitamins in the masks or other treatments that come next.

The basic facial cleansing can be completed with peels, lasers, glycolic acid and other more intensive treatments that are not usually included in the basic package.

How often should a facial cleansing be done?

There is not a single answer. The minimum is once a year, the maximum depends on each type of skin. Normal skin can be cleaned every three or four months. Mature or very dry skin needs more help, so it should be done once every six weeks at the most. The most problematic skins may need cleaning up even more often.

How much does a professional facial cleaning cost?

A basic facial cleansing can have a minimum price of between 30 or 40 euros, depending on the centre you go to. Of course, you can find it more expensive and it will vary depending on the products you use and the time you spend. If you want to complete the basic facial cleansing with some more specific treatment, the price goes up. A simple peel and laser treatments easily exceed 100 euros and, depending on the assets used, reach 200 euros. There are also packs to solve specific problems: spots on the skin, bags and dark circles. Each one has its own price. The best thing is that you consult in several aesthetic centres of your city to compare prices and choose the one that suits you best.

Facial peeling: looking for the perfect complexion

Beauty helps any woman feel better about her. However, current life habits, sometimes, make it difficult to find time and space to carry out rituals that enhance well-being and help combat the effect of time. That is, youth is synonymous with beauty; therefore, anyone strives to be able to fight against the footprint of the passage of time. In this sense, there is an excellent practice to have a perfect complexion. Have you still not tried the results produced by a facial peel?

What is the facial peel?

The facial peel is the exfoliation of the superficial layers of the skin. Through the use of a chemical substance, it is intended to be renewed. In this way, two effects are achieved. On the one hand, the elimination of superficial wrinkles; and on the other hand, the effect of those wrinkles that are deeper is reduced. Visible results in a short period of time that also produces an evident effect at a psychic and emotional level. As long as you feel good when you look in the mirror, you are also more cheerful and sure of yourself. Therefore, do not hesitate and bet on the beauty that is in you.

When should a facial peel be done?

It is advisable to eliminate fine wrinkles, but also to reduce some spots on the skin and fight open pores. In addition, it is ideal against acne and very advisable to conceal some scars.

How is a facial done at us?

Undergoing a facial peel is not complicated. Once done in a professional centre, the person only has to apply sunscreen to protect themselves from the sun and the corresponding facial creams. Before deciding the most appropriate type of peeling, an analysis of the skin, the type of life of the woman, etc. is carried out. Once the specialist has already chosen the ideal product to make the peel, after 3 or 4 days have passed, the peeling of the skin occurs.

Anyone can perform a peel with a fairly regular assiduity. In any case, it is advisable that an expert advises you based on your particular and specific case. It treats a treatment that allows you to follow with total normality with your normal and habitual life. The only advice is that the person avoids the sun exposure since it could suffer side effects.

The benefits of facial peeling

The benefits that the peeling produces are very evident. It produces a feeling of well – being on the skin and also manages to rescue the natural beauty of each woman, which sometimes reduces as a result of fatigue and stress. The peeling is also a beauty treatment compatible with other processes; however, it is better not to turn aesthetics into an obsession in order to give equal value to inner beauty and self-esteem.