There is an argument doing its rounds as to whether people should keep on going to the movies or embrace the online streaming from sites such as and enjoy watching movies from the comfort of their homes.

Pro streaming

For those who believe that it is time to embrace the new technology and stream online movies from free and paid movie websites such as, the argument is that the world is becoming more digital and thus, more life is offered online. There is abundance on offer at streaming services such as where you will be able to watch online TV shows and movies nonstop. It seems that, when it comes to movies, online movies seem to be more favorable than cinemas due to the fact that, they are generally cheaper, popular and more and more content is added on a daily basis.

For the paid online movies, their monthly charges are affordable, which could be equated to the amount you are likely to pay to watch only one cinema theatre movie. With online streaming, you are at liberty to watch even more movies during the month and pay less or watch for free as compared to the amount you would have paid to watch the same number of movies at cinema theatres.

Streaming gets bigger on a daily basis. Each month, more original content is produced at online movie streaming websites. Some feature-length movies are produced which have been well received by those who watch them. As online streaming becomes more popular, there is a possibility of cinemas becoming obsolete.

Some people believe that movies in cinemas are of a higher quality than those being streamed. This might be true but you have an option of getting on various platforms to watch various movies which might not be available in cinema theatres. This means that, watching online streaming movie sites might just be better than watching them in cinemas. And with more expansion of the websites that provides online movie streaming, cinemas are likely to become a thing of the past.

Pro Theatre

From a pro-theatre point of view, there are spectacular films which are released in the film world every year but the streaming of online movies is kind of distracting theatre lovers from going to watch them in the theatres as they have an option of staying at home and streaming them online.

Cinema theatres have a hallmark in the lives of people of different age groups – young and old alike. The excitement of being able to decide which movie to watch while at the box office and that feeling of the sugar rushing after you have eaten too many chocolates and popcorns while watching the movie are some of the childhood memories that theatres bring to the fore. The unique experience and the nostalgia of being able to watch a film in the theaters cannot be compared to the feeling when you watch online movies at the comfort of your home.

In the present time and age, there are a variety of options which are available when you want to decide how you want to watch the movie but the truth is that the cinema theater is in a class of its own, which cannot be replaced by online streaming. This means that, when it comes to movie watching, cinema theaters should be given a priority over the online movies.

When in a cinema theater, you are able to have the feel of what the producer of the movie wanted to convey to you as if you are watching a live performance. The absence of distractions and light paired with technicolor and large screens coupled with seating arrangements which are comfortable for watching the movies makes the cinema theatres to be the perfect environment for watching movies. It allows you to encounter the film art in an atmosphere which is near to perfect isolation, providing you with a visual experience that is best.

Apart from embracing film art, cinema theaters also embrace food comfort. This could be another iconic of the movie theater experience; the concession stands which could be a treasure that is filled with rare favorites for you to pick. Popcorns and classic candy to chicken strips to cheeseburgers, there is a variety of snacks which are offered at cinema halls to suit your taste as a moviegoer. At movie theaters, you could visibly notice the public hunger for entertainment and be able to enjoy food which is satisfied under one roof.

At times, the unforgettable memories in a movie theater are not created by the movie itself, but by what goes on in the hall. That feeling of walking past the threshold of the theater door in the movie hall and those late nights which you spent lounging with those who are close to you in the lobby cannot be substituted by anything else. Whether the movie you were watching had an impact on you or not, you will never forget what happened to your friend when they tried to open a Coke bottle and it spilled all over you or a cheese which fell on the floor during an episode that was scary in a horror movie you were watching. This will be imprinted in your memories for life.

Experiences in movie theatres cannot be replicated anywhere else but at times, streaming online movies can be convenient due to the fact that, you have a variety to choose from, it is cheap, and you can watch it anywhere, anytime as long as you have an active internet connection.