Fortnite is the number one most played games among youths due to the unique style of play, outstanding picture quality and the online feature where players can play with friends online. The game was manufactured by Epic game in the year 2017 and has sold over fifty millions, just few months after its release to the public. When the game was first released, there is a need to pay before accessing the game but as time goes on it became a free game. The game is now free to get on more than five game platforms. The game can be described as a battleground and the last man standing is the winner. Fortnite can be played by many players ranging from one to one – hundreds. It comprises of a giant map to help the player in knowing where to go, a battle bus to enhance the movement of the players, obstacles that can be broken using the axe and some of these structures contain some useful items like medkits that can be used to refill the energy loss or increase the health, destructible environments in conjunction with intense PvP combat. The game comprises two modes, the player against player mode which is also described as the Fortnite battle Royale and the player against the environment popularly known as the save the world. Both game modes have the unique features that make it the best video action game. Downloading the game will surely give way to the purchase of the save the world and can also be accessed by an invitation from friends. The game is also released in seasons and each season has its own unique features. Every week, Epic releases a new challenge of the game to the world and playing these challenges give the players access to some moves like dance moves, gliders, new emotes and even upgraded weapons. Below are short words on each season:

  • Season 1 – the first stage in the battle Royale realm which contains the introduction of the battle land.
  • Season 2 – it began on the 14th of December, 2017, it was mainly focused on the heraldic picture of the body set Fort Knights and contain eleven items that perform during the first season.
  • Season 3 – it was introduced in 2017 and lasted from the 22nd of February to the 30th of April. The season focused mainly on the outer space available throughout the season.
  • Season 4 – this began on the 1st of May, 2018. The season focused its attention on the superhero movies, superheroes, and urban surroundings. It also features the final conclusion of the season 3 with the complete demolition of the Dusty depot.
  • Season 5 – this season is not yet complete and playing 50 against 50 modes is strictly advised in this season.

In order to play the game with ease and enjoy the real pleasure in it, Epic game released the requirement to the public for the purpose of preventing the players from encountering any difficulties while playing the game. The epicgame also lay down the platforms for the game when the game was released though virtually all platforms are playing the right now and it is free for all including for Android devices. Some of the platforms include:

  • Play station 4: Playing Fortnite with this platform enables the players to enjoy an entertaining and top-notched game by providing the game in good graphics. If the game is been played online, there are some requirements and they include a minimum of ten-gigabyte free space to enjoy the real self of the game, good Ram and dual shock Also, the game can easily be downloaded by navigating through the PlayStation store on the play station 4.
  • XBOX ONE: Just like ps4, Fortnite is free to play on both Xbox One and Xbox one X. The only requirement for this game on Xbox one is that the player needs to have a game with a Gold subscription on it to launch the game successfully. Playing Fortnite on Xbox One and Xbox one X is kind of unique and more interesting compared to other platforms due to better virtual and audio. The game can easily be downloaded on both Xbox One and Xbox one X by going to the right and down to the Xbox store page and typing the correct title of the game “Fortnite”. The minimum required space on the device must be 9 gigabytes according to Epic Fortnite game official page.
  • MAC and PC: It is well known that Fortnite game is not available for personal computers when it was first released from Epic game in the year 2017 so instead of going to the usual places to download the game, Epic game lovers who are ready to play Fortnite on their personal computer must go to the Epic game official website in order to download the free version of the game without any problem. More so, interested players that want the version of the game on the PC or MAC will surely need to set up an Epic Game account, this can easily be done by filling the blank required with an actives email accounts and correct password of that same email account. Also, players interested in Mac version should note that in order to get some of the Epic games launchers, the MAC should at least have an updated version of 10.5 or higher than that.
  • Android devices: When first the game was released in the year 2017, it was limited to some devices like android, it also required purchasing before being able to play the game. few months after the game was released, the game was changed to a free game thus allowing gamers to download with ease without paying for the game. Also, Epic released the Android version of the game that got a lot of youths to have the game on their phone. Furthermore, some specifications were added to the new version on Android. The Fortnite android version can be accessed and downloaded by just visiting the Android playstore with any android phone.