What are aphrodisiacs?

Food has always been a subject of great delight to people of all ages and backgrounds, as it has also contributed to lives of common people in different ways. It has helped people recover from illnesses, lifted their moods from a bad day, helped them overcome stress and other problems in life. There is very little that food cannot solve, as it has served in every category to be a spirit lifting experience. Be it home remedies for sicknesses and injury, or the subject for academician and research- food has been an integral part of all our lives from a very long time.

It is not surprising at all that food could also contain properties that heighten a person’s senses in different circumstances. A popular example of this is the whole arena of erotic foods, also known as aphrodisiacs. These foods are notoriously known for building sexual desires between two people or enhancing the quality of erotic interactions among them. They are simply a category of food that enable a person to loosen up more and get intimate with the person they share said food with, only to benefit their chemistry in the longer run as well.

The history of aphrodisiacs is a bit muffled under the course of history. It is well known that these foods have been used in many civilisations and society for thousands of years before they came out in the limelight for what they represented. It is easy to understand why they would have been subjects kept in the down low by society, primarily because of the taboos surrounding eroticism and sexuality. Food is also considered sacred by many cultures, so integrating that belief with sexual aspects could have been the reason they were not openly talked about in the medieval era. It could also be want of knowledge and facts that people never took this concept seriously, but now all of that has drastically changed and the society has become accepting of aphrodisiacs and what the bring to the table.

What foods qualify as aphrodisiacs?

There has been a lot of debates regarding what qualifies as aphrodisiacs and what does not. Historically, there have been some foods that have definitely been eaten in this context, while the others and new and upcoming concepts. The website My Aphrodisiacs largely divides these foods into two broad categories, which are ‘mood foods’ and ‘ingredients’. A tentative list of what all foods are popularly known to come under these headers is given below:

  • Tropical Berries: it is widely believed by a lot of communities that strawberries, in particular, are a huge aphrodisiac. You would not be surprised by the visual of two lovers dipping strawberries in chocolate or cream, and feeding them to each other. Strawberries have long been associated with Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love, based on whose name the word ‘aphrodisiac’ has come into existence. Grapes can also be included in this wide category of berries, which is a favourite fruit among couples for the simple reason that it gives birth to wine, and wine is the symbol of an erotic relationship which is healthy and satisfying.
  • Oysters and Seafood: this is the most widely talked about aphrodisiac in the world. They are very high in zinc compounds, which is a nutrition necessary to ensure fertility in both men and women. They also contain amino acids which trigger sexual hormones and can help in achieving better, longer and happier relationships with your partner.
  • Chocolate: it comes as no surprise that My Aphrodisiacs would list chocolate as a mood food, because every one knows of how much it has been tied to sexual fantasies. A lot of advertising agencies as well take full and undue advantage of this factor, by portraying chocolate in an erotic light. This food is also directly linked to many sex related products and flavours, which is the first thing that comes to mind for a person eating a chocolate. Scientifically as well, dark chocolate is known to have properties that spike the dopamine levels in a human body, which facilitates feelings of pleasure.
  • Unconventional Ingredients: some ingredients listed as aphrodisiacs on the My Aphrodisiacs website include very uncommon stuff like Spanish fly, powder from a seahorse or something called soup no. 5. All these are not things people immediately associate with aphrodisiacs but are known to work wonders. They do not just lift the mood instantly but also are known to benefit your sexual life on the longer run by keeping your hormones in perfect levels, enhancing your performance and making sure your erotic relationships are meant to last.

How to administer aphrodisiacs in daily lives

These foods are known to have so many exciting benefits attached to them, but there is a certain way to take these foods and a few things you must take care of to get the best experience out of them. Some of these popular ways are listed below:

  • You should be alone in the company of someone you value and want to erotically engage, with their full consent and agreement.
  • According to My Aphrodisiacs, you should take the help of aroma therapy and other external factors to make the atmosphere more inviting and conducive to a good time. The aroma oils and special therapy techniques can really quicken up the process by a large margin and let the aphrodisiacs do their jobs.
  • Setting the mood right is a very important aspect of an aphrodisiac based experience, as that really acts like a catalyst. Dim lights, slow romantic music, aromatic candles and many other factors one would associate with a wonderful night should accompany all those mood foods!

Delving into aphrodisiacs

Although the topic is a taboo till date, one should not shy away from using these mood foods or aphrodisiacs to their favour at all. One may head to My Aphrodisiacs website for more insight into this, and gather all information you need to express your love through food.