We could write a lot about all these models however we prefer to talk about the model that we thought was the best and not the ones we recommend less, so let’s continue with the guide with some indications and skateboards opinions that may interest you. Many people say that a skateboards user is “lazy” to use this instead of walking. We just want to comment that maintaining balance makes it necessary to use leg muscles. Logically this is far from exercising, but you will feel like burning a little in the legs if you use it for a long time.

Real Skateboards?

In the film back to the Future, the protagonist flew with a flying skateboard, and they called it skateboards. However, the real skateboards exist as you can see in this video. Another thing is that you can afford it … However, “skateboards” term most used for this type of sliding electric scooter. Some people call it self-balancing flying skates, personal motorized transport, electric scooter with two prayers and a lot of other terms but it seems that a single word in English makes it seem more “cool”. But so many names makes it a little harder to know where to go shopping, so we’ve focused on the term of buying skateboards to make it simpler.

How to use skateboards?

It is clear that it is not like replacing your car, or your bike or the bus. They are worth it for flat pavement surfaces, so it is a pleasure to use them. They have a limited range and speed of less than 15 km / hour and do not move very fast either. But they are the sea of ​​fun and you will undoubtedly be the center of attention. In my town / village of 40,000 inhabitants near Barcelona I saw a boy a couple of months ago with skateboards, the fashions come fast. Getting used to using skateboards will take a few minutes and for some people even more. Just in case we recommend using a helmet and maybe having a friend behind, ready to catch you in case you fall. There are tutorials on the internet that will be useful to you, although you already have to do the instruction manual.

Once you’re used to it, it ends up being like riding a bike. You will not think that you are doing it, it will come out alone. To move forward, you lean slightly with your feet. To turn, you simply put some pressure on the opposite pad of the skateboards where you want to go. The hardest part is going up and down, because the “flying” electric scooter will start to move as soon as you put weight on it. The best option for these first times is to hold onto something so you ride or go out. These “learning mode” of some models makes it easier to learn, since then the skateboards is less sensitive to movements and so is more stable when you put your feet on top .

Security on skateboards

As for safety, skateboards have small wheels and you cannot hold them anywhere, so they compromise stability when you skate on uneven terrain. Inside house and covered surfaces slide perfectly as in paved streets. Still, you would have to prepare for some boats when you pass over potholes, holes and harder surfaces that you would normally find on the street or sidewalk.

Should you buy one?

If you have searched for a skateboards price, you will see that although they are around the hundreds, skateboards are toys, ideal to surprise and give for example. They are luxury toys, and they are the sea of ​​fun, but it is all they are. If you want to buy skateboards, keep in mind that nowadays you can find them for between 150-300 euros, even more but if you use the offers that we link you, you will get the best prices. If you have no problem in spending this for fun I recommend buying skateboards. You do not have to empty the bank account to buy one of those brands that simply put a label on them and they raise the price a lot, again use the linked offers.

It is true that we have not tested the models of the world, but as you can see in the previous section, if we have acquired, bought and borrowed the most outstanding ones, we believe that the skateboards model that we have considered as the winner is the best choice for skateboards, much lower price than the rest. Since, again, they are all almost the same. The only slight differences were of designs and brands since the interior works in the same way, so do not let yourself be carried by those brands of 600 euros or even more.

Wheels and profile

We have spoken with other experts who have commented that they find it difficult for these electronic toys to become popular on the street as well as inside covered surfaces. No doubt they are becoming the kings of entertainment. But if we leave stability aside, something to consider is also like lights with a skateboards. Some people really do something to use it, while other users love to stand out or just do not care, since not everyone uses one. But they will undoubtedly stop you from asking you questions about it.


You can go anywhere with the FiiK Big Daddy, no matter if it’s sand, pavement or grass. Rubber tires are essential for this to be possible, although it comes with other types of tires that facilitate transport on the pavement. This model is very versatile and perfect for those who want to experience outside the streets. It comes with three speeds and a remote control. You can use it between 4 and 5 hours with a single charge.