Drug testing is a common requirement during the hiring process in most establishments. Most government agencies and organization are required by law to practice drug screening before employment is carried out. This is normal norm followed all over the world and something very important which employers do. There are different types of test which are conducted and one of them is the urine test. This is is one of the toughest test to beat and not many people are able to do that. The rationale behind drug test is to detect the drug’s active chemical or one of its metabolite. These chemical compounds are tested either in urine, blood, or hair samples. In the USA the most basic drug testing is the one mandated by SAMHSA. However, the populace is protected in by law in some instances. Other countries also have processes of their own and some agency which looks after this process. Also at times, the contract is given to a private organization. Test is either conducted in scheduled way or on the spot based on the required.

Firstly, a job offer can’t be refused on the grounds of a positive alcohol drug test. Secondly, a job offer needs to be on the table before a drug test can be carried out (so applying for a job offer doesn’t mean you will be tested out-rightly). Lastly, your past drug history can’t be used against you unless you are currently abusing drugs. But still, if you want to beat the urine drug test, then you need to go in for getting more info about synthetic urine. This is a very important thing to know about as this can improve your chances of clearing the test if you are high on drugs, then clearing the test could be a task. Urine test method has changed over a period of time and it is becoming very advanced. So never easy to beat the urine test and you can do it with the help of synthetic urine, this way is known to work.

A comprehensive drug test screens for five common drugs; Amphetamines (ecstasy), Cocaine in all forms (cracked or powder), THC (marijuana, cannabis), opium and Angel dust (Phencyclidine).

The best way to easily pass a drug test is to abstain from drugs for as long as possible prior to the test date. However, to improve your chances of easily passing a drug test, try these home remedies:

Drink lots of water

It is rumored that drinking lots of water can help you easily pass a drug test. Although this sounds logical, drinking massive amounts of water few days to a drug test will at best dilute the chemicals tested in your urine. Most tests carried out using urine samples need a fair concentration of the chemicals or metabolites to show positive results. Also along with this, it is very important to get more info about synthetic urine; this will show you a simple way about how to beat the drug test. Once you do that, then it will be of some help. Generally, the testing process is not easy and there is lots of advancement in the technology and that is making it very tough to beat the test. It is not as same as it was some time back. There are lots of people who do not even know the right process of the test and if that is the case they do not have a way to prepare without knowing the process.

Don’t be happy yet. Most urine sample test also detects creatine metabolite levels in the samples. If creatine is high in your urine sample then they’ll suspect that you are trying to dilute your urine.

To easily counteract this, eat a lot of red meat or creatine power few days to the test day.

Urine color

An attempt at dilution can be detected from the color of your urine. A very clear and light colored urine sample can easily be taken as an attempt at dilution. To easily pass this physical urine examination, take 100mg of B12 or B2 complex to give your urine a slightly yellow color.

Moderation is Key

Too much of everything is bad; don’t go over the board drinking massive amounts of water. This could be potentially fatal to your body and metabolic system. Learn to trust your body system, if you start feeling uncomfortable, stop drinking.

Keep in mind that drug testing can be expensive for companies especially if they are hiring a lot of people. Unless it’s a small company with strict rules, most companies don’t opt for a comprehensive drug test that can go as high as $200 per test sample. If you are high on drugs, then go in for more info about synthetic urine and that will enlighten you on how the process works and that is something that is very important. Without knowing the process no one can clear the drug test that is impossible. Keep in mind, this is a very important drug test and never easy to overcome it. Once you know the process well, then you have time to flush out the toxins, but at times you may not have enough notice and that could go against you and that is the last thing you want on your agenda.

Don’t panic if you have been suddenly notified that you will be taking a drug test in weeks or days. Stay calm and positive about the outcome and drink lots of water. The prepare well and things will be okay and for preparing well you need to know the process and once you do that, then it will be much easier. There are many people who just walk in the drug test, and then get a surprise, if you do not want to be one of them, then some kind of preparation should be done and that will help you beat the drug test without too much of a problem.