Back pain could be nagging, constant and at times unbearable and even excruciating. It could impact the quality of life quite severely and could also make a person confined to bed or restrict his or her movement quite drastically. Hence, it is quite normal for such people to look at various ways and means by which they can get relief from the pain and other associated symptoms. When we refer to the typical back pain, it is caused because of some problems with the spinal cord. The spinal cord has millions of nerve roots in it and as we age, the vertebrae which holds the spinal cord because tight and constricted. Further because of obesity and other age related problems, the muscles also slacken and they start compressing the spinal cord and the nerve roots. This is the main reason for those severe bouts of pain which continues to harass millions of us day in and day out. There are many others who complain of tingling feeling in the legs (mostly on one side). This is because the compressed nerves of the spinal cord are unable to work freely and this causes such pains and tingling feeling. Hence we must try and find out ways by which the problems can be addressed. Inversion tables are one such option which is becoming popular these days and it is therefore interesting to learn more about it over the next few lines. If we spend some time looking at sites like we will be able to know more about these equipments and whether it is worth investing in them or not.

What Is This Treatment All About

The logic and concept of inversion therapy is quite simple. It is about making the body to be in a state of reverse-gravity. Instead of the gravity being concentrated in the feet and lower extremities, the body is left in an inverse state. The head is on the floor and the feet face to sky. This reduces the stress on the muscles and joints and could also help in expanding the vertebrae. When this happens, it is believed that it could lead to decompression of the spinal cord and give relief to the roots of the nerves which are in the spinal cord. This can help relieve back pain.

Additionally it also could lead to improved blood circulation in the upper parts of the body including shoulders, neck, face, eyes, and ears and last but not the least brain. It might also help in better traction of the vertebrae and when this happens your posture might also improve quite significantly. Hence, there are seemingly many numbers of benefits when you use the inversion table properly and use the right therapy. However, there are many who are skeptical and not very supportive of these inversion tables. They believe that it is against the law of nature and could cause problems and health issues. Yes, it is a fact that those who suffer from hypertension, increased blood pressure or even those who have cardiovascular and heart related ailments and problems, should do these inversion therapies carefully. They must always take the opinion of the doctor and only then move forward. When you body is an inverse state, your heart beat becomes slower and this inhibits the heart to pump more blood to the various parts of the body. This could lead to blood pressure building up in various upper extremities of the body. It could be damaging for all those who have glaucoma and various other such eye problems.

Inversion Tables Worth the Cost for Chiropractic Care

Inversion Table Investment in Medford, NY If you’re looking to improve your health, particularly from back pain, you’ve probably looked into different types of treatment. More and more medical professionals are trying to avoid invasive treatments like surgery in favor of alternatives that can ease pain without taking drastic measures. One alternative that you may have heard about is inversion therapy. This treatment involves hanging upside down or at an angle to relieve pain. You might be wondering if purchasing an inversion table is worth the investment. At Total Chiropractic Care and Wellness, we’re committed to giving you information about treatments that can potentially decrease pain. We also want to let you know the facts about inversion tables and the benefits and potential risks of inversion therapy.

What Are Inversion Tables?

Inversion tables are designed to take gravitational pressure off of the spine and your nerve roots according to the Mayo Clinic website. The idea is to eliminate the force of gravity and relieve muscle spasms and spinal compression, according to the website Doctors and physical therapists recommend inversion therapy because it can provide a traction force that decompresses spinal discs.

According to the Wall Street Journal, use of an inversion table can also improve circulation and combat stress, while studies have shown that the therapy can help with relaxation. The tables run from $150 to $650 for home models and $2,000 for motorized tables. Tables are adjusted for height and weight and users shift their center of gravity by raising their arms.

Inversion Therapy as a Means to Avoid Back Surgery

One of the biggest reasons people choose to use inversion tables is to avoid back surgery. This was the subject of a 2012 study conducted by British researchers. They took 26 backache and sciatica patients who were candidates for surgery and divided them into two groups. Both of the groups were given physiotherapy, while 13 patients were also given inversion therapy. Of those, 10 of the patients, or about 77 percent, were able to avoid the operating table. The researchers concluded that “intermittent traction with an inversion device resulted in a significant reduction in the need for surgery.” They suggested that more studies with a larger number of patients are justified.

Other studies have found that inversion table use reduces absenteeism from work, according to the Newsmax website. American military researchers have found that inversion increases the space between vertebrae, relieving back pain, according to Newsmax.

Concerns About Inversion Tables

There are downsides to using inversion tables. Hanging upside down does increase blood pressure and pressure in the eyes. For that reason, those who have glaucoma or uncontrolled hypertension should not take part in inversion therapy. You should check with a doctor before starting, especially if you have a heart or circulatory condition. Some people who try inversion therapy become dizzy, particularly if they come up too fast, according to the Journal. It’s a good idea to start a therapy program slowly at a small degree of inversion, no more than 15 degrees, and don’t spend more than 5 minutes at a time on the table, according to

Total Chiropractic Can Help with Pain Management

If you have questions about this type of therapy or any other treatment for back pain, Total Chiropractic Care and Wellness of Medford can help. We can start you on the road to health through chiropractic and pain management techniques as well as diet and exercise. To get started, contact Total Chiropractic today.

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