The storage of merchandise in any company is one of the ways in which the sale of a specific product can be regulated. In this sense, it can be said that most companies around the world have a space or warehouse where they can place all the merchandise they wish to keep for a certain period of time.

In these warehouses, the merchandise is placed following a specific organization pattern that allows for the proper distribution of the products that are going to be sold. At present, various methods have been created in which this purpose can be fulfilled.

One of these methods is the compact storage system. Said system consists of the use of the warehouse space in the most efficient way possible, that is to say, trying to optimize the quantity of products that can be stored in a small space.

The question is: how does this type of storage system work? The answer is very simple. The only thing that should be considered when using a compact storage system is that you must have specific control over when the stored merchandise should be removed, in order to avoid having to move the merchandise from one place to another constantly.

In this sense, it can be said that there are two types of forms of compact storage. Each type of storage has certain characteristics and offers certain advantages. So, one of these types is the so-called drive through racking storage system.

The drive through racking system is very similar to its counterpart the Drive in racking system. In the latter the merchandise is placed in a single lane that has a single direction, where the last stored products are the first ones that are going to be sold.

On the other hand in the drive through racking system there are two lanes through which the loading and unloading of merchandise is carried out. In one lane the merchandise is placed, while in the other lane the merchandise is removed when it is going to be sold. This type of compact storage is ideal for products that are sold quickly and do not need a lot of storage time.

Making use of this system can obtain certain advantages, among which we can highlight the following:

  • The maximum of storage space can be used, optimizing the quantity of products that can be stored.
  • The loading and unloading speed of merchandise can be improved. This can be said because when there are two lanes several workers can operate forklifts at the same time.
  • The amount of merchandise that can be stored is not affected when using the drive through racking storage system.
  • The installation process of the shelves or rails does not require a lot of time, so this process can be carried out in any warehouse without any problem.

These are some of the benefits that can be obtained when using this compact storage system. It is very important to consider what type of products you want to store to choose which the best compact storage system is to use.

How are the shelves in a compact storage system?

Previously, the shelves to store merchandise were placed separately leaving a kind of corridor for the forklift trucks route. Although this system is efficient, storage space was reduced.

This is when compact storage systems were born, such as the drive through racking system. This system consists of the union of the storage shelves, leaving simply two corridors for the movement of the forklifts.

The only restriction that exists with respect to the space occupied by these shelves is the usable space in the warehouse. With regard to height, everything will depend on the characteristics of the forklift, that is to say, the maximum height allowed by these vehicles.

We can assure you the fact that this type of storage system is much more efficient with respect to the amount of things that can be stored in a traditional storage system. It is for this reason that it represents one of the best forms of storage created.

Installation and stability of shelves in storage systems

When you need a storage system, the most common is to contact a company in charge of installing the shelves. These companies must meet certain safety standards to assure customers that the shelves will withstand any load placed on them.

It can be said that the installation of these shelves does not require much time or a lot of people, this being an important feature of compact storage systems. However, it is necessary that this process be carried out as carefully as possible.

To fulfill this purpose, you must hire highly qualified staff for the job, who must receive specialized training in the installation of the shelves. This is extremely necessary to ensure the stability of said shelves. If the stability of the shelves is adequate, we can assure the fact that the storage system will be able to resist any type of merchandise that is placed on it.

What is the importance of forklifts?

Regardless of whether a Drive in racking storage system or a drive through racking storage system is used, it is necessary to use forklifts.

These are devices designed specifically for the work of storage of merchandise. Its main function is to transport the merchandise and to elevate it to place it on the highest shelves of the storage system. These vehicles are used anywhere in the world and represent the most effective way to carry out this work.