If you are fitness freak who does not miss on eating and drinking healthy, or someone trying various remedies in bid to fight weight gain, then chances are you have heard about green juice. It happens to be a favorite among those seeking to maintain a healthy diet, among those that want to cut off some calories as well.

The most appealing aspect about green juice is that it is simple to prepare because all you have to do is blend a couple of vegetables (which happen to be the major ingredients of green juice) together and there you have it! All you have to familiarize yourself with are the many recipes you can toy around with while at it. We have a wide variety of vegetables and not all of them contain the same amount of nutrients, so it is wise to learn about the combinations that make the most nutritious green juice so that you can be using them. There is a lot to grasp about green juice, and in relation to that you can get yourself to read more about organifi and that way you will have more content about this amazing healthy drink.

Green juice has a lot of benefits, most of which are nutritional and that is one reason why you shouldn’t be left out when it comes to experimenting with it. When it comes to consuming green juice, do not expect a one day wonder results. If you want effectiveness of this juice to start showing, make it a routine remedy and religiously stick to it. Also, prefer making it on your own because blending freshly bought or acquired vegetables is more nutritious than getting one from the store which has been stuffed with preservatives and flavors. You just need to invest in a blender, and a choice of fresh vegetables market where you can easily get a variety of vegetables and fruits.

If you need to store your juice, refrigerate it in a glass container and avoid plastic because of chemicals emission which may interfere with the nutrient value of your juice and end up in your body instead with damaging effects.

What are exactly the ingredients of green juice?

Well, from the name of it, you can get a slight clue that the main ingredients are greens which happen to be vegetables and fruits in this particular case. The best thing about this is that the ingredients aren’t hard at all to get because they are readily available in the groceries and supermarkets. What more is that they are affordable and you can grow some of them if not all in a home garden? So what are these ingredients? They are comprised of vegetables such as kales, spinach, coriander, ginger, turmeric etc. You can also add fruits like green apples, lemons and limes. Herbs also come in handy. It is important to learn about combinations that make a healthy juice to avoid scenarios like making green juice full of sweet vegetables such as carrots and beets and not a single one with citric acid to neutralize the sugar. If you read more about organifi you will find that green juice has a lot to offer more than you could have imagined.

Let us look at specific group of ingredients and the role they play in providing various vital nutrients into your glass of green juice.

A look at some of the vegetables, fruits and bitter herbs which happen to be green juice ingredients

One thing that is for sure is that you can never run out of ingredients when it comes to making green juice. This is because there are a variety of vegetables, fruits and herbs to choose from. Another thing is that you are at liberty of trying out all the available ingredients as long as you are using the right combinations for increased levels of nutrients. You can also put up a garden and if you do not have the space, you can adapt to containerized gardening whereby you can organize a few containers with fertile soil and arrange them in your balcony with various vegetable plants acquired from a nursery. So what are the nutritional values of some of these ingredients?

  • Green apples: These contain less sugar and are more acetic compared to the red apples and that is what makes them a perfect ingredient for green juice. Green apples have great alkalizing properties which are good for our bodies as well as cancer fighting antioxidants.
  • Lime and lemons: They also have antioxidant and alkalizing properties which are essential for the body in many ways such as reducing inflammation effects, facilitating blood flow among other benefits associated with Vitamins C and P which are the common nutrients in these fruits.

Those were fruits known to be great ingredients of green juice, and now we are going to shift the attention to vegetables. So here are some of the vegetables you can experiment with, more of which you are going to find out about if you read more about organifi:

  • Spinach: The digestive tract or gut benefits a lot from the nutrients that come from spinach which are good in reducing inflammation and the chlorophyll from them is great for boosting the immune system as well as bearing cancer fighting properties. You can expect a whole load of minerals from spinach such as zinc, selenium and copper.
  • Cucumber: If you are not a fan of taking water, you can benefit a lot from the hydrating properties of a cucumber. Apart from the hydrating benefits which are good for the joints and the skin, they are also loaded with minerals such as magnesium and potassium which all have important roles that they play in our bodies.
  • Cereal juices: These can be prepared alone without adding other vegetables and they are rich in nutrients with low levels of starch. Examples of such include barley grass, rye grass and wheat grass.