You all might have heard about radar detector and what it is all about. For some who still do not know, well, a radar detector is an electronic gadget which is utilized by automobilist to identify whether their vehicle’s speed is being detected by any kind of law enforcement like the police force. The law enforcement is able to determine the vehicle’s speed by utilizing the tool radar gun. They use the radar detector to keep the vehicle’s speed in check so that they won’t have to be ticketed for speeding.

Different Kinds of Detectors or Sensors

There are various kinds of detectors or sensors available in the market. Of them, the basic ones are :

  • Doppler RADAR or LIDAR
  • ANPR
  • IR Spotlight
  • Piezo Sensor

Types of Radar Detectors

There are a few types of radar detectors like – the corded one, the cordless one, and lastly the remote mount one. The first one is the corded detector. This type of detector is fixed on the windshield of the vehicle with the help of suction cups that come with the detector. This detector provides the perfect overall detection. The second type of detector is the cordless one. This type of detector is suitable for usage over multiple vehicles, that is, you will be able to remove the detector from your vehicle with ease if you are going to switch between your cars. The last one is the remote mount detector. This is the permanent type of radar detector, that is, once you fix the remote mount radar detector on your vehicle, you won’t be able to remove it again. For more information regarding this, you can visit

Various Features of Radar Detectors

There are various kinds of features involved with the radar detectors that you should know about before buying them. Some of them are :

  • City Mode – City mode: The first one is the City Mode which ensures the user gets less number of alerts during the time the driver is driving the vehicle near any city. It is very crucial to have the radar detector installed which can work properly in the city mode so that you can evade these alerts coming from different sources of signals that are similar in nature to the radar guns. This feature is so important because most of us usually drive inside the city limits.
  • 360 Degree Laser Detection : 360 Degree Laser Detection is a really good feature as the coverage area is 360 degrees. It encompasses the back, front, and even both the sides of the vehicle. The radar detector that comes with the 360 degrees laser detection is definitely more reliable and is also worth every penny.
  • Instant on Protection : Instant on Protection is a must have feature in your radar detector. As, sometimes if you have been aimed with the Instant On radar beam, then there is actually nothing that you can do to save yourself at that point. But if you have a radar detector and if that device comes with the Instant on Protection, then when any radar beam or radar gun has been pointed in the vicinity of your car, like the car in front of you, then this device will instantly alert you and you will have the extra time to slow the speed at which your car is moving.
  • Multiple Threat Counter : Multiple Threat Counter is a very handy feature displaying the signal strength as well as the number of signals. By having this feature included in your radar detector, you will be able to know if there are single or multiple radar guns that are being utilized in that very area. This feature will make sure that you don’t land in trouble for speeding.
  • Quality Text Display : Quality Text Display is a feature that wholly matters on your preferences. It depends on your specific requirements and needs. The colour of the text display can be mostly red or green, as they are the most common colours. The display of the device also varies in size. The display should be large enough for people who don’t have such a good eyesight.
  • Spectre Protection & VG 2 : Spectre Protection and VG 2 is a must have feature for people who are living in an area that has banned the usage of radar detectors. These features work on what is called as shielding technologies. With the help of these features, you will be alerted exactly when the police use the radar detectors. Some of the radar detectors enabled with these features even alert you and after that, the device shuts itself down automatically.
  • Digital Voice Alerts : Digital Voice Alerts is the rated at the top when it comes to safe driving. The radar detector that is enabled with this feature alerts you without you taking your eyes off the road while driving.
  • Specific Detection : Specific Detection is a feature that is able to detect K band, X band, Ka super wide band, Ka wide band, Ka photo cop. A radar detector should have this feature as detection that can cover a wide range is very important.
  • GPS Technology : GPS Technology is a must have feature in your radar detector as having the device which comes with GPS Technology can make a huge difference. Communicating with the satellites when you are driving the vehicle, is something GPS is capable of. The GPS tracks your location and also measures your vehicle’s speed. Most of these GPS detectors can even adjust the sensitivity of the device to how fast the vehicle is moving. This is a huge advantage for people who are driving in between highways and even cities.

With the various of above mentioned features, it is really important to choose wisely before buying your radar detector. As there are so many types of radar detectors available in the market, it becomes a bit difficult while selecting between them. All the above-mentioned features are important and are in various ways useful to users, but it all depends on our priorities and preferences.