Patriotism is a subjective concept, as every single person has his or her own way of defining things. Such definition depends on the way the person consumes the concept of patriotism and how the person wants to reflect it. But irrespective of what we think about patriotism it is true that we all uphold the values of patriotism and consider it worth our time. Patriotism doesn’t stop with national flag, anthem and symbols it something beyond that, and it is definitely not something that is materialistic. So here are some of the reasons as to why patriotism is important.

5 Reasons why Patriotism is Important

The world history says it all:

The world history is a testimony by itself as to why patriotism is important. Earlier, even before we were split into various nations, it is that feeling of oneness and urges to save my tribe is the fact that kept the human race alive. Had someone felt vary of risking his life and saving a fellow human, life would have simply become impossible on earth. That is the human history, and now that we have seen wars, we know why patriotism is important.

It is one way to Integrity:

Patriotism is one way, or probably it is the only way to achieve integrity. It can also be the other way round that is with unity you can achieve patriotism. Just imagine our nation as one large family, and it will be easy to understand that the values of love, trust and compassion are the ones that will bind us together. Patriotism is a stronger feeling that will, in the first place, unite us as a family. So for a nation, it is Patriotism that is the mother of all other virtues.

Nothing better can inspire the youth:

Today’s youngsters are capable enough to bring the whole nation together and build a better one for all of us. But that dream is becoming a bit unlikely as there are a lot of other factors that act as a driving force for the today’s generation. However, if we can sow the seeds of patriotism into their hearts, then a stronger nation will not be a dream anymore.

Not everything but something:

It is the misconception about patriotism that stops us from doing something for the nation. Of course, it is true that we have had patriotic leaders and fighters in the past who placed nation before their lives and families. But that is not the case anymore. It is this misconception that prevents us from doing something for the nation. One need not have to sacrifice his or her life for the country in the name of patriotism. A small deed considering the welfare of the nation is enough to call yourself a patriot. It can be as small as planting a sampling. Not a great deal, is it?

That’s when your hand extends:

The virtue of helping a stranger comes out of the love that you have for the fellow beings of the nation. What better name can you give it other than patriotism? So in case if you find yourself or some else helping a complete stranger, closing an open pit, or helping the guard, then they are all deeds of patriotism.